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Professional Hair Cutting: Techniques, Styles, Trends and Product Info.

Learn all about basic and advanced cutting techniques, and keep yourself educated with the latest styles and trends that clients are asking for.
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  2. Hair Treatments (10)

Blonde Hair Color - Tips and Tricks
These super helpful blonde hair coloring tips will help you when you're in a pinch.

Short Hair Styles
Get inspiration from these fearless celebrities who are boldly sporting this hot summer trend.

Bone Structure 101
A great hairstylist always takes a clients bone structure into consideration before beginning a haircut. Learn about the ideal shapes to use on your clients.

What are Long Layers?
What are long layers?

Hair Stylists Tell All
Learn the 11 things you should be sharing with your clients.

Hair Trends
Check out top industry hair trends and stay ahead of the curve.

Cutting and Styling Tips for Curly Hair
Find the best cutting and styling techniques for curly hair.

How to Cut Fine Hair
Cutting fine hair can be one of the trickiest things to do in the salon. Check out these great tips and become an expert in how to cut fine hair.

How to Cut a Bob - Precision Cut
This how-to comes straight form the geniuses at TIGI. Read on to learn how to execute this gorgeous precision cut bob.

Shears - How to Buy the Right Pair
How to buy the right pair of shears.

Mastering the Razor Cut
Master the art of the razor cut with these razor hair cutting tips and techniques

Spring Hair Color Formulas
Get inspired with these great spring hair color formulas and ideas

Hair Color Ideas - Panel Hair Coloring
Check out this in depth introduction to the art of panel hair coloring

How to Fix Brassy Hair Color
Learn how purple shampoos, toners, sunscreens and water filters can help the battle against brassy blonde hair.

Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Color
Learn pro tips for creating long-lasting hair color.

What are ThermoCut Shears?
Learn all about the ThermoCut System.

New Hair Color Formulas
New season - new hair color formulas!

Famous Hair For Sale - A Look at Collecting Famous Hair Clippings
An in depth look at the people who collect human hair for a living.

Hair Color Formulas - Difficult to Achieve Hair Colors Made Easy
Decode some of the most difficult to achieve hair colors with these easy hair color formulas.

Finding the Best Brand of Hair Cutting Shears
How to buy the perfect pair of hair cutting shears.

What Type of Hair Cutting Shear is Right for You?
How to pick out the perfect pair of hair cutting shears.

Learn How to Say No to a Client
Learn the art of saying no to a client.

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