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Short Hair Styles


The ladies of hollywood definitely have a big influence on our clientele. And when they start changing, we start chopping.

A big trend in the celeb world has been to chop those locks off. These fearless females are throwing out the old ideas of short hair not being sexy or feminine and they look amazing doing it.

That being said, of course these looks don't work on everybody. Always take bone structure, face shape and hair texture into considerations before cutting your clients hair short.

Personally I have a long list of questions that I go through with my clients before we start cutting. It's very important, and frankly your job as a stylist, to make sure they are ready to go through with it and didn't just come up with the idea that morning. Once you get a good idea that they're ready....go for it!

Here you will find a list of my favorite short celebrity hair styles.

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Emma Watson's PixieGinnifer Goodwin's Modern CropKatie's Soft Short ShagMichelle's Short Stunner
Victoria's Sharp Edgy CropHalle Berry - The Best of the Best
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