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Redken Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus


Redken Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus

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What's New?:

Anyone who's worked with the old Shades EQ can tell you that the first, very obvious difference, is that the previous runny texture has been replaced with a rich cream. This results in moisture rich color that still has all of the benefits of being a demi-permanent.

The Facts:

  • Available in 20 shades including Clear.
  • No ammonia, no lift with acid pH technology.
  • Safe to use for grey blending.
  • Long lasting color that fades true to tone
  • Combine equal parts 10 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer and use immediately.

What are the Benefits?:

Shades EQ Cream is enriched with pomegranate oil, rice protein and 100% oxidative dyes that lead to long lasting, rich color that also happens to be very conditioning. With Shades EQ Gloss there tended to be a glassy texture to the hair after glossing. Say so long to that feeling when using Shades EQ Cream.

Will Redken Discontinue EQ GLoss?:

I'm sure the announcement has some of you die-hard Shades EQ Gloss fans a little worried. But have no fear, Redken is simply expanding the line and not replacing the gloss with a cream formula. In fact, Redken even suggests using the two products together.

- Try using Shades Cream next time you're low-lighting a foil client. You can then apply Shades Gloss to tone the whole head once the foils have been removed.

Shades EQ Cover Plus:

To complement Shades EQ Cream, Redken introduced Shades EQ Cover Plus.
  • Contains no ammonia and provides up to 75% gray coverage with demi-permanent results.
  • Maximum gray blending.
  • Available in 10 shades including Clear.
  • Use with equal parts 10 or 20 volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer.

How to Get Shades EQ in Your Salon:

If you're eager to try out this new color line contact a Redken representative at www.redken.comwhere you'll find numerous tools to support your personal and salon sales. You can even find technical tips and how-to's to help incorporate the new color line into your salon

Product Review:

All in all I give this product the thumbs up. I usually prefer toning with a cream as I feel that you get better coverage with more moisturizing results. One of my favorite cream demi-permanent lines is Wella Color Touch and Shades EQCream definitely gives them a run for the money.

If you are a fan of doing red hair color, I also highly suggest this product as the reds are rich and true to tone.

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