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11 Things Every Stylist Should Share With Their Clients


I recently came across an article from a fellow about.com guide that addresses what many of us forget to communicate to our clients. Read below for a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to your clients expectations and learn the info that every stylist should be sharing with their customers.

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1. Great Hair Takes Time

Always communicate how much work is required for the look that is desired. Often times clients have unrealistic expectations about how much goes into great looking hair. It's our job to let our clients know what to expect when it comes to maintaining their style

2. It Takes a Village to Prep a Celebrity

Clients love to bring in pictures and say "But her hair always looks good?". Honey, if I was following you around with hair, makeup and lights all the time, you'd be paparazzi perfect too.

Not every client is aware of the amount of work, time and spackle that goes into getting a celebrity red-carpet ready.  Explain to your clients that celebrities aren't super-human, but the beauty team behind them sure is.

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3. Wash and Go?

When a client asks for a wash and go style, make sure that they're realistic about what their hair can do. Not many people have the hair texture that can wash and go and still look great. Yes, there are the lucky few who do, but explain to your clients that their expectations might fall short if they're not willing to put in the work that their style requires.

On the flip side, remember that if your client asks for a wash and go style, don't go cutting something that you know will require an hour of blow drying to look good.

4. Products Rule

So your client says they want fabulous looking hair but don't want to use any product? I couldn't imagine a world without hair product! Inform yourself and your clients about the endless options in the hair product industry. If they're weary of using a lot of product, introduce them to a multi-tasking one. It's also a great idea to educate yourself about natural hair product lines as this is turning into a big client favorite.

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5. Does Your Client Know the Definition of Emulsifying?

Now you've got your client using product, but are they using it correctly? Educate your clients on how to get the best our of their hair products. I don't know how many times I've had someone come in and say they hate pomade. When they show me how they're using it, no wonder! Same goes for products like hair sprays and mousse. Have your client give you a tutorial on how they're applying their product so you can make sure to help them maximize it's benefits.

6. Change is Good

If you're changing up your clients look, show them the new techniques that will be required to style it. More than likely, a new haircut needs a new styling regimen. Don't let your client walk out the door without the tricks they need to make their new haircut look fabulous.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Don't you just love when your clients come back and say they had no luck curling or ironing their hair at home. Don't you love it even more when they tell you they only tried doing it once. Once?! Who learned how to do anything once? Let your clients know that practice always makes perfect and not to be too hard on themselves if they don't get it right the first time.

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8. Realistic Clients are Happy Clients

It's our job as stylists to make sure our clients have realistic expectations. If they come in with a picture that you know won't work on them, it's ok to say so! They'll be grateful for your professional advice and be more trusting of future ideas and suggestions. Also make sure that your clients have realistic expectations of the look they're asking for. If you know they're a low-maintenance type, don't give them a style that will require 45 minutes of blow drying.

9. Appreciate What You Have and Work with What You've got.

Clients love to sit in my chair and go on and on about how much hair they have to deal with, how curly it is, how straight it is....the list is long. I tell them over and over again, "Appreciate what you have and work with what you've got." Gets 'em every time.

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10. Hair Ages Too

Let your clients know that hair ages too. Often times I get clients coming in and they're bewildered by a change in thickness or hair texture. Unfortunately, like the rest of our body, hair ages. It can change due to hormones or just general lack of elasticity and collagen. Let your clients know about specific products that are targeted for aging hair.

11. Keep Communication Open

I tell all of my clients that I have an open comment policy when it comes to constructive criticism. How else am I supposed to know if they liked they're last haircut or not? Or maybe they loved the cut but didn't care for the fringe. If you keep communication open with your clients, they will feel comfortable with helping you to cut their hair in the best way possible. Same goes for when they love it, we always want to hear that!
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