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Spring Hair Color Formulas

Get inspired with these hot hair color ideas


Spring is fast approaching, which means the clients will be pouring in and asking for fresh looks. These hair color formulas will have your blondes, brunettes and redheads springing for joy. Introduce one of these on-trend color formulas to brighten your clients hair and compliment their new spring wardrobes.

This is a great time to also focus on up-selling and add-on services. If you have a client that is color shy, introduce them to the option of a clear gloss to boost their natural hair color and add shine. Spring is also a good time to offer moisture and protein treatments which will nourish your clients winter ravaged locks. You can also start a conversation about keratin treatments. This will get your clients thinking (and booking) ahead for the warm, summer months.

1. Variations on Ombre Hair Color

You'd have to have been living under a rock to not have heard about ombre hair color by now, it's everywhere! I'm sure some of you are even sick of this rabid trend.

Along with spring comes change and even the trends have to budge a little. That's why I'm predicting that we'll be seeing variations in the extreme contrast of ombre color that celebs and girls about town have been sporting as of late. To give this service a spring twist, introduce your clients to a more subtle version of the ombre trend by playing around with brunettes and auburns, adding subtle contrast from roots to ends.

This is a great opportunity to introduce your more timid clients to this trend. They'll feel safe knowing that they won't leave the salon looking like a skunk.

Working on natural level 6 hair

  1. Mix equal parts of 5N + 4G Semi permanent hair color with semi-permanent developer.
  2. Apply from roots to ends (don't be too worried about completely covering the ends as they will be ightened) and process for 30 min.
  3. Rinse and rough dry hair before using the balayage technique to paint bleach with 40 volume developer throughout the ends of the hair. The placement and amount of highlights is up to you.
  4. Once the hair has lightened to about a level 7 or 8, rinse and gloss the hair with equal parts of 7RN + 8G in the semi-permanent or color gloss brand of your choice.

2. Cool, Beige Blondes

Darker hair colors rule during the fall and winter months, but the spring belongs to the blondes. Say goodbye to dull winter hair and introduce your blonde bombshells to the cool, beige tones that will be big for spring this year.

Cool, beige hair color flatters most skin tones and many clients prefer cool tones to warmer ones anyway....how many times have we heard "Do you think it's too brassy?" Not only will cooler blondes be big, but double process blondes will be too. You can achieve this easily by breaking the base which will brighten the hair over-all.

Working on natural level 7 hair

  1. Begin by highlighting the hair with alternate foils of Wella Koleston Perfect 10/1 with 40 volume and bleach with 30 vol.
  2. Once the hair has lifted to a level 10 rinse the hair and lightly towel dry before applying 12/1 with 10 volume to the roots only. This will break your clients base. You can do this at the shampoo bowl and make sure to watch and not lighten the hair too much. You are only trying to achieve a soft lightening of your client's base color.
  3. Once the desired color is achieved, rinse, towel dry, and apply Wella Re-lights in /89 (pearl ash) from roots to ends to tone the hair over-all. A beautiful beige blonde will appear before your eyes.

3. Real Reds

We've seen red hair make a huge comeback during the last few years. It started slow, with rich auburn hues, picked up speed with truer reds, and now it's at an all out fever pitch with clients trying vibrant, even crayola shades of red.

Going really red requires someone that doesn't mind getting noticed. Really talk to your clients before making a big change like this. Just because they think it looks good on Rihanna doesn't meen they'll think it looks good on them. And we all know what a pain it is to remove red from the hair. This look requires commitment and upkeep, so make sure to fully explain this to your clients. On the right person, this look is hot, hot, hot.

This spring make sure to stock your color cabinet with a wide range of red hues to satisfy your client's fiery appetites for bright hair color.

Working on natural level 6-7 hair

  1. Highlight the hair with INOA 7.40 (intense copper) with 20 volume.
  2. Apply 5.60 with 20 volume to the remaining hair between the packets.
  3. Process for 30 min and rinse with cool water to lock in the red and add shine.
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