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Marketing: Essential Marketing Techniques For the Discerning Beauty Professional

Learn all about increasing your clientele, promoting your salon, building an online presence, and numerous other tools to make your business a success.
  1. Build Your Client Base (5)
  2. Online Marketing (1)

How to Raise Prices In Your Hair Salon
Raise your prices without freaking out you, or your clients.

Learn tips and tricks for become a retail selling machine. Hair and beauty...
Learn how to sell more retail products.

Keeping it Professional in the Beauty Industry
Keeping up a professional attitude and work ethic can do wonders for building your clientele. Use this handy check list to make sure you're maximizing your professional potential.

How to Increase Your Business
Since we can never have too many clients, this is a great article to learn new tricks to increase business.

Marketing and Advertising - What's the Difference?
Learn the differences between marketing and advertising so that you can maximize your businesses earning potential.

The Power of Branding
Branding is a fine art. Understand the in's and out's of building a strong brand for you and your business.

How to Up Sell
Up selling is the fastest way to make more money with the clients you already have. Read on to learn more about the art of up selling.

What is Up Selling?
What is up selling?

Hair Stylists Tell All
Learn the 11 things you should be sharing with your clients.

10 Tips to Make More Money
Learn new tips and tricks to increase your income and get more clients.

Cross Promotion
Learn how to cross promote with other business to increase sales and spread the word about your salon.

How to Increase Revenue Over the Holidays
Lear how to take advantage of this busy time of year and increase your revenue this holiday season.

How to Handle a Client Meltdown
Learn how to keep things professional when your client has a meltdown.

Beauty Products - How to Start Your Own Brand
Learn how to start your own brand of beauty products.

How to Leave Your Hair Salon and Branch Out on Your Own
Learn how to leave your hair salon successfully.

The Hair Salon Remixed
Learn how offering only one specialized service can set you apart from the rest.

Doing Hair at Home
Learn tips and tricks that will help you get your in-home hair cutting business set up in no time.

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