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How to Up Sell


Up selling is an art unto itself. The most important thing I learned about how to up sell is that it's always ok to offer your clients more services and it's completely up to them if they choose to partake. If you offer them something once and they don't seem interested, don't bring it up again or try to be too convincing.  It's easy to cross the line and become too pushy. If you consistently approach your clients this way then you will start to damage your credibility and run the risk of losing your clients to someone who doesn't try to up sell them all the time.

All of that being said, there are some great, non obtrusive ways to up sell. Read below to get new ideas, boost your sales and wow your salon owner.

1. Head Massage

This service often gets overlooked but a head massage is a great service to up sell and clients almost always go for it. Offer a 10 minute head massage for $15. Perform it at the bowl (if you have a comfortable one) or in your chair. You can make it even more luxurious by using aromatherapy oils to further sooth and relax your clients.  

2. Add a Gloss

A gloss is an easy service to add on as it takes little time and clients love it. You can use a clear gloss or colored gloss which usually goes on towel dried hair. Apply at the bowl and let process for 5-15 minutes (manufacturers processing time can vary so always check your product first). Put your client under the dryer to give your gloss a little more staying power. This is a great service for your clients that are nervous about color but are looking to try something new since a gloss gives you semi-permanent results.

3. The Friday Night Special

Elaine Reid Photography

A unique up selling technique is to offer a Friday or Saturday special for the party girls in your chair. Advertise that for an extra fee, after their service, you will give them an up-do or style and make them feel like a bombshell. Charge a little extra and keep bottle of inexpensive champagne around to add to the service. Make sure it's clear that they won't just be getting the regular blow dry but make sure to not charge as much as you would for the style alone. You'll have those girls banging your door down to get them ready for the weekend in no time.

4. Protein Treatment

Another easy and very useful service to up sell is a protein treatment. After hair coloring (especially if you are working with bleach) the hair can become brittle and damaged. Do an elasticity test to show your client that their hair is lacking protein. It's always great to give them visual proof as this will show that you are not just trying to push a service that they don't need.

5. Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments can add a huge increase in sales. The price point usually ranges from 200-500 which makes this service a big money maker for the stylist. The initial purchase of the product is steep. Most keratin treatments also come at a cost of 200-500 per bottle, but when you take into consideration that you can do 8-12 services with this amount of product, the investment up front is no comparison to the revenue that can be made from it.

6. Moisturizing Treatment

A moisturizing treatment is a great ad-on service all year-round. Summer and winter hair alike can benefit from a heavy dose of moisture. Some clients will complain that moisturizing treatments weigh their hair down. Make sure to explain to them that if the hair is not properly moisturized then the scalp will actually produce more oil to compensate. This quick service is an easy ad-on to sell. 

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