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Professional Hair Color: New Trends, Techniques and the Best Hair Color Products

Learn new hair color techniques and how to execute them. Compare professional hair color lines and get info about cutting edge technologies in the hair color world.
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Blonde Hair Color - Tips and Tricks
These super helpful blonde hair coloring tips will help you when you're in a pinch.

2011 Hair Color Trends
Go straight to the source with these trends from a top salon owner.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?
Has a client ever asked you, "Why does hair go grey?". Get the answer to that question and wow them with your expertise.

What is Ombre Hair Color?
What is Ombre Hair Color?

Chemistry - How Hair Color Works
Discover the chemistry of hair color.

INOA Hair Color by L'oreal Professional
Learn about the newest ammonia free hair color to hit the market.

Balayage - Definition
Learn the definition of this hot new trend.

Hair Color Ideas
Searching for hair color ideas and inspiration? Sick of doing the same old color formula? Check out this list of the latest trends to get you out of a hair color rut.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Definition
Learn the meaning and uses of semi-permanent hair color.

Hair Color Ideas - The Texas Collection
Discover the hottest hair color trends from down South.

Blonde Hair Color Formulas
Find a complete list of blonde hair color formulas to get you inspired.

Redken Shades EQ Cream and Cover Plus
Find everything you need to know about the exciting new Redken Shades EQ Color Cream and Cover Plus.

10 Steps to Perfect Hair Color
Follow these 10 steps to achieve perfect hair color in the salon and take the guess work out of formulating!

Fall Hair Color Formulas
Find tips and techniques to get your clients ready for Fall. Transition them into rich, luscious hair color shades that are perfect for the season.

Ombre Hair Coloring Tips
Don't miss these must have tips for achieving perfect Ombre hair color every time.

Hair Color Ideas - Brilliant Brunettes
Check out these rich hair color ideas and formulas to achieve the perfect shade of brown.

Red Hair Color Ideas
Take the guess work out of coloring red hair with this great list of formulas from top pros in the industry.

New Hair Color Formulas
New season - new hair color formulas!

Hair Color Formulas - Difficult to Achieve Hair Colors Made Easy
Decode some of the most difficult to achieve hair colors with these easy hair color formulas.

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