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Top Beauty Schools, How to Get Certified & Continued Education

Looking to break into the beauty industry? Educate yourself about the best beauty schools and the certification requirements for your state. Already a working stylist? Get your continued education from our video tutorials and find information on the best classes to take to brush up on your skills.
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What to Know Before You Step Foot on a Photo Shoot
Show up on set prepared and ready to wow.

Continued Hair Education - Free Online Videos
Check out this list of free online hair education videos.

How to Become a Celebrity Hair Stylist
Learn how to become a celebrity hair stylist

Break into the Beauty Industry
Looking to get into the beauty industry? Get inspired and learn about the many professions to pursue in the exciting world of beauty.

Your Salon Apprenticeship - What to Expect
Take the next step and learn what to expect from completing a salon apprenticeship

How to Become a Certified Hairstylist - Step by Step
Interested in becoming a hairstylist? No idea where to start? Follow this simple list of requirements to begin your career in the beauty industry.

Pass Your State Board - Free Practice Test
Ready to take your State Board Exam? Practice with this free test.

Beauty School - What to Expect
If you've signed up for beauty school, congratulation! Now, what should you expect out of it?

Should You Do an Apprenticeship?
Once you have finished beauty school you could easily start working as a hairstylists. But is this the best idea? Find out the long-term benefits of completing a salon apprenticeship after beauty school.

Top Cosmetology Schools
Check out this must-have list of the top cosmetology schools in the country.

How to Become a Hair Stylist
So you'd like to learn how to be a hair stylist? Find all of the info you'll need to become a hair stylist or barber.

State Board of Cosmetology - Your State's Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Cosmetology state board practice exam

How to Become a Cosmetology Instructor
Ever thought about a career as a cosmetology instructor? Read on to learn how to become a certified cosmetology instructor.

Top Websites for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists
Top websites for hair stylists and makeup artists

What a Hair Stylists is Looking for in an Assistant
Learn how to become the best assistant and get onto the salon floor fast.

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