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How to Increase Your Business


How to Increase Your Business

Get More Clients!

Many hairstylists are drawn to the industry for it's independence and control, renting a chair in a salon or working as independent contractors. This same freedom can also be frustrating as it is often up to the stylist to increase their clientele.

So if you're sick of sitting around, thumbing a magazine and waiting for the next client to walk in, then follow some of these steps to help build your client book and get more clients.


Find another beauty professional that you can cross-promote with such as a makeup artist or skin-care specialist. By doing this you are reaching a whole new clientele that normally wouldn't have heard about you. Since loyal clients tend to trust the recommendation of their beauty professionals, they are more likely to come to you with an endorsement form them.

Tip - Find a makeup artist who works in a department store, as there is often a high volume of traffic.

Give It Away to Get It

Many of us don't love the idea of giving away free haircuts but it is one of the best ways to increase your clientele. Again, search for people that work in high- traffic areas and offer them free services. These professionals are interacting with hundreds of people every day and if they're sporting your fabulous 'do then most likely some people will ask them where they got it. Bring them cards to give to their clients and keep them updated on specials and promotions. Below are some great professionals to seek out.

  • Shop girls and boutique owners
  • Bartenders and waiters/waitresses
  • Baristas
  • Local talent (singers, actors, models)

Get on the Web!

The Internet is your new best friend when it comes to cheap marketing.

  • Build a website: Building your own website can be easier than you think and it's a great way to start creating a presence on the web.
  • Start a newsletter: A monthly newsletter can be an effective way to offer specials and promotions to existing clients. Send out a special advertising half off their next haircut if they bring in a friend.
  • Reviews: Get your clients to speak up for you! You can encourage them to go on websites like yelp.com and citysearch.com and post reviews about your services and salon.
  • Sign up for a Stylist Search Engine: You can advertise yourself for free my creating a profile on websites like searchhairstylist.com and stylistmatch.com. These unique websites connect the client with the exact kind of stylist they are looking for.

Never Stop Marketing Yourself

Whichever way you choose to go about it, remember that you can never have too many clients. I know a lot of hairstylists who have gotten comfortable with not marketing themselves and when business gets slow they are the first ones to gripe about it. Protect yourself during slow or hard economic times by being proactive and taking a few of these simple steps to increase your clientele!

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