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Beauty Resources: Product Companies and Trade Show Information.

Build successful relationships with product companies to increase your salon revenue. Looking for a job in the beauty industry but don't want to stand behind the chair? Get information on how to become a product rep, and learn about all beauty industry job options.
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Kara Young - Meet the Founder of Hair Rules
Check out this interview with the cofounder of the texture friendly hair care line, Hair Rules.

Best Hair Cutting Books
FInd the best hair cutting and styling books.

State Board of Cosmetology - Your State's Contact List and Info
Find your state's board of cosmetology contact info, right here!

Beauty Supplies - Where to Find the Best Deals Online
Looking to find the best deals on beauty supplies? Here is the only list you'll every need to find all of your tools of the trade.

Beauty Trade Shows 2011
The only list you'll need for beauty trade shows in 2011.

Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2012
The only list you'll need for hair and beauty trade shows in 2012.

Celebrities Before and After Photoshop
Even the most beautiful women in the world use the help of Photoshop to further perfect themselves. Check out these before and afters to share with your clients.

Cosmetology State Board Practice Exam
Cosmetology state board practice exam

Top Websites for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists
Top websites for hair stylists and makeup artists

Can the Beauty Industry Change the World?
Learn how the beauty industry is changing the world.

Top Beauty Blogs
Check out these top rates beauty blogs and become an all around beauty guru.

Why Are Hair Stylists Not Recognized by Oscar?
Learn how you can help and get hair stylists recognized by the Academy Awards.

Ebooks for Hair Cutting and Styling
Looking for ebooks geared towards hair stylists? You've come to the right place.

Introducing eSalon
Introducing a website that brings the salon experience to your client's home.

Learn How to Become a Beauty Supply Distributor
Learn how to become a beauty supply distributor or representative.

Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2013
Check out this complete list of hair and beauty trade shows for 2013.

Hair and Beauty Trade Shows 2013
Check out this complete list of hair and beauty trade shows for 2013.

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