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Can the Beauty Industry Change the World?

Learn about an exciting new website that aims to answer that question.


Can the Beauty Industry Change the World?

Hair stylists and beauty professionals touch the lives millions of people every day. We are not only able to make our clients look beautiful, but also feel beautiful, and this can go a lot farther than we could ever imagine.

I'll never forget a story my cosmetology instructor once told me in beauty school. She told me about a client who walked in late one night to her old salon, right as they were about to close and wanted to have her hair cut. Every other stylist said no, and was eager to get home for the day. My instructor said the woman looked so desperate that she thought, why not, and took the time to do her hair. The client left smiling and a few days later a boquet of flowers with a card arrived for my instructor. The note was from the late night client and she was writing to thank the stylist for saving her life. The woman had planned on going home to commit suicide that night, and she said the kindness of the stylist and the care that she gave her, changed her mind and allowed her to see some good in the world. WOW. This story completely knocked me out when I first heard it and it is a testament to the power that we as beauty professionals hold.

That is why I'm very excited to introduce to you beautychangeslives.org. Beauty Changes Lives is an organization that aims to bring awareness of how careers in the hair, beauty and wellness industry can transform lives both personally and professionally. This site was started by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools and it is packed with inspirational stories from beauty professional across the world.

Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit organization that raises money for beauty school scholarships and brings awareness to the ways stylists give back to the community. There are many ways that salons and stylists give back, from holding cut-a-thons that benefit children's hospitals and other various causes, to inviting women from a domestic violence shelter to come in for free services. Some stylists even go into hospitals or elderly homes to offer their services to people who can't make into the salon. The possibilites are endless.

Beauty Changes Lives also aims to bring respect to the industry and show how anyone with a beauty license can begin a path to great success. The ambassador for Beauty Changes Lives just happens to be my old boss, Ted Gibson. Ted hails from Killeen Texas, and when this young man came to his mother with dreams of becoming a hair stylist, she tried to talk him out of it. Little did she know that he would grow up to become one of the most successful and recognizable hair stylists in the world; owning two salons, with his own product line, numerous TV appearances and a celebrity client roster to boot. Did I mention he charges $950 for a hair cut?

When you check out the site, start with the Beauty Changes Lives blog, where you'll find inspirational stories and tips from all types of beauty professionals. The rest of the site offers current news events pertaining to our industry and career support for aspiring beauticians. My favorite part about the site is that you can share your story and tell how the beauty industry has touched your life and the lives of the people around you. You just may get inspired and come up with new ways to give back, through the wonderful world of beauty!

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