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Best Hair Cutting Books


I first became inspired to do hair when a family friend gave me a hair cutting book when I was a teenager. Hair stylists and future hair stylists to be are creative, tactile people. You can't get the same inspiration looking at how-to's and fashion photographs on a computer screen as you can get with a book, so I've created a list of the best beauty books out on the market. Pick one up if you're thinking about breaking into the beauty industry, or get one for a young friend and inspire them to join this creative and exciting business.

1. The Complete Book of Hairstyling by Charles Worthington

You get a lot for your money with this over 300 page book and it's packed with useful information and handy tricks that will set you ahead of the pack. Full page photos and how-to's make this book easy to follow for beginners and there's plenty of new info for the seasoned stylists out there. The other nice thing about this book is that it covers all aspects of hair, from cutting, styling and coloring to bone structure and skin tone. It's a must-have for any serious stylist!

2. Hair Rules! By Anthony Dickey

As a curly girl myself, I give my ultimate seal of approval to this curly hair bible. Learn what makes kinky hair tick, and how to tame it of course, with this must-have book. Anthony Dickey is a favorite of curly haired celebrities such as Minnie Driver and Sarah Jessica Parker and he brings his expertise to this beautiful book that takes the guess work out of cutting and styling curly hair. The price is also right on this one, so pick it up today!

3. From Good to Great Hair by Robert Vetica

In this book, celebrity hair stylist, Robert Vetica, shares techniques for recreating some of his most famous looks. Learn the secrets to magazine and celebrity styles through the book's convenient 3-part layout that's broken down into

  1. Hair Treatment and Care
  2. Hair Cutting and Styling
  3. How to Find the Right Look Through Bone Structure and Personal Style

Beautiful photo's, before and afters and step-by-step diagrams make this a great book for anyone who loves the art of doing hair.

4. The International Hairstyle Index

The International Hairstyle Index is exactly what it sounds like - Stunning photograph after photograph of work from leading and innovative hair dressers and hair stylists from all over the world. The book also includes contact information for all of the stylists, photographers, models, makeup artists and salons that were involved in each photo. If you've ever wondered about global trends in the world of hair styling, then this book is definitely for you.

5. 1940s Hairstyles by Daniela Turidich

This book is GORGEOUS, but it's also pricey! If you're looking for a book that's packed with fun 1940's hair style how-to's and can also double as a beautiful coffee table book, then you've found it! The photos alone make this book a fun one to sit down with and it's also loaded with priceless info for anyone who's interested in vintage styling. Plus, with so many retro looks back in demand, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on how to execute these classic hair styles.

6. Vintage Hair Styling Step-by-Step

Looking for a vintage hair styling book that won't break the bank? Vintage Hair Styling Step-by-Step offers awesome tutorials for a variety of vintage looks. It might not be as pretty as the one above, but it just might be more useful as it covers a variety of hair styles through the decades.
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