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Your Salon Apprenticeship - What to Expect


Your Salon Apprenticeship - What to Expect

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So you've graduated beauty school and you're ready to break into the industry.....or are you? Many stylists next step after beauty school is to begin a salon apprenticeship. The thought of this can be frustrating when you are anxious to get started and get your hands in some hair. But I think it really is the next best step to take.

Beauty school can only teach you so much. It's main function is to teach you to cut and color hair and get you certified, but do they really teach you how to be a stylist?

Doing hair is not only about the basics. You also have to learn how to interact with clients and find out what gets them coming back for more.

I feel the best way to do this is to begin a salon apprenticeship under a stylist that has been in the industry for at least 5 years. I personally learned so much from the stylist I apprenticed under and it was experience that I never could have received from beauty school alone.

What to Expect From Your Salon Apprenticeship

When you become an apprentice you will most likely be in charge of greeting clients and washing their hair. You will also spend most of your time shadowing your hairstylist which basically means that you will be watching them cut hair. Sound boring? Don't get me wrong, it can be, but you will also learn so much from watching a true professional.

You will also be in charge of cleaning your stylists brushes and equipment, sweeping up hair and getting anything that the client needs. Many stylists also utilize their apprentice for blow-drys which can be a great opportunity to interact with clients and make some tips.

Do Apprentices Get Payed?

Usually an apprentice is payed minimum wage with the real money coming in from tips. Your stylist will usually tip you out at the end of the day and individual clients may too.

Remember - You can charge more for your services when you are ready to start cutting hair because you will have credentials to back you up. Think of your salon apprenticeship as an investment in your future career and stay focused on the long-term benefits.

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