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Chemical Hair Treatments - Which One is Right for Your Clients?

Brazilian or Japanese? Keratin or Protein? Make sense of the options and find out which treatments can work best for you and your clients.
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The Best Professional Keratin Lines
Learn about the best keratin treatment lines that are being used by professional hair stylists.

Can Stem Cells Cure Hair Loss?
Learn how the use of stem cells are revolutionizing the hair loss treatment industry.

Rules to Follow When Coloring Textured Hair
Check out these must see rules to follow when coloring textured hair.

Hair Relaxer: Where did it Come From and How Does it Work?
Get all of the facts about chemical hair relaxers.

Disulfide Bonds - Definition
What are disulfide bonds?

Keratin Treatment
What is Keratin and how does it work?

Keratin Treatment - Step by Step
How is a keratin treatment performed? It's easier than you think. Here we'll be breaking down the step by step application process of a keratin treatment.

Hair Treatments - Which One is Right for You?
There are many hair treatment options for you and your clients. Find out what's what with this comprehensive list of hair treatments.

Keratin Treatment - Formaldehyde-Free
Meet the first 100 percent formaldehyde free keratin treatment. This exciting new product is sure to change change the game in the keratin world. Stay ahead of the curve and keep you and your clients safe with this formaldehyde-free keratin treatment.

Keratin Shot
Check out this review of Keratin Shot, and discover a safer alternative to conventional keratin treatments.

The Best Relaxers for Damaged Hair
Find the best relaxers for damaged hair.

History of the Perm
Learn all about the origins of the hair perm.

Tips for Keeping Your Salon Safe While Performing Keratin Treatments
Tips for keeping your salon safe while performing keratin treatments.

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