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Can Stem Cells Cure Hair Loss?


The science behind stem cells sounds like a plot from a Jules Vern novel, but luckily for us the use of stem cells, and their effectiveness, is all very real.

When people get to talking about stem cells it can lead some to jump to the defense of using them. The stem cells that we are going to be talking about in this article are ones that are harvested from our own bodies - not embryos. That's exactly what makes this new stem cell research so exciting - it's not only ethically and morally viable, it's actually safer and more effective to use the body's own stem cells.

The type of stem cells that are used to treat hair loss are harvested from your own fat and are called Autologous Adipose Adult stem cells, or A.A.A. stem cells. This two-step hair regeneration process begins with the stem cells being collected with a minimally invasive liposuction procedure which is accompanied by a local anesthetic.

Once the A.A.A stem cells have been collected, they are separated from the fatty tissue. They will then undergo an in vitro culturing process to multiply the cells and guarantee that there are enough to use for the hair regeneration treatment. The stem cells are then applied to the treatment area via injections using a microscopic needle. This is an outpatient treatment and most patients report only mild discomfort during the procedure.

You should start to see some hair regeneration results in as little as 2-4 weeks, and like other hair loss treatments, this one seems to be most effective on areas where hair loss has happened recently.

So how does the use of stem cells cause hair to grow on our heads? All of us have stem cells in our hair's follicle, but when these follicles get old or damaged they can no longer jump-start the hair regeneration process. This can be due to genetic factors, stress, or even trauma to the hair follicle.

By injecting stem cells into the pores of the scalp, scientists have found that they can get the skin's fat layer to send molecular signals to the cells in the follicle, which then results in new hair growth.

The use of stem cells as a hair loss treatment holds many benefits. The first one being that it is an outpatient treatment, and unlike other hair loss treatments, you only have to do it once. Topical hair loss treatments need to be used daily, and hair transplants can be a costly and painful procedure. By using Autologous stem cells, you are using a 100% natural product that has been found to be completely safe and effective.

Results do vary with stem cell treatments for hair loss, but clinical studies have shown that the results are permanent once the hair has grown back.

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