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How to Cut a Bob - Precision Cut


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Vidal Sassoon - The Man Behind the Precision Cut
How to Cut a Bob - Precision Cut

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The artistry of the precision cut bob was created by the great Vidal Sassoon. His talent and vision changed the hair dressing world and the way we look at hair, forever.

Vidal's career started after his mother had a premonition that he would one day become a hair dresser. After taking him to a local salon where they couldn't afford the money for his apprenticeship, Vidal worked his way in the door and realized that he felt completely at ease when he felt the scissors in is hand. He vowed to one day have his name on a salon door. Oh how right he was!

Vidal grew up in a time of roller sets and hairspray as thick as glue, no one was talking about bone structure or sleek architectural shapes. Vidal was revolutionary in thinking that the right hair cut could change a woman's face, but it didn't happen overnight. It took a long time for women to be convinced that hair didn't need to be set or teased.

Vidal was inspired by modern architecture, particularly the Bauhaus style and became obsessed with the sleek, paired down aesthetic. He searched and experimented to try and translate this look to hair.

The turning point came when he created the Five Point Cut in the picture above for actress, Nancy Kwan. He called up his photographer friend, and the next month the photo ran in British Vogue.

Vidal went on to open the first of what would be many salons on London's Bond Street. The salon became an epicenter for innovation, attracting the most interesting talent from all over the world. By the 1960's there were salons in both Europe and the United States, and beauty schools were eventually opened to satisfy the high international demand for his techniques

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