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Salon Inventory - Make Educated Decisions About Salon Furniture and Appliances

Which salon chair is right for you? Should you buy an over-head or steam dryer? The decisions can be dizzying when it come to outfitting your salon. Make sense of all of the options as we compare the best of the best in salon inventory.
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Steam Processor - Reduce Processing Times
Learn about the innovation of steam. Reduced processing times and a gentler service for your clients makes this a smart investment.

Green Your Salon and Appliances
Learn about new innovations in making your salon and eco-friendly green machine.

Salon Appliances - Design Innovations
Preview the sleekest new designs in color processors, salon chairs and appliances

Light Therapy - Facial
Learn about the exciting new 'Lumiere Light Therapie' machine.

Salon Central Vacuum
My favorite salon appliance is a central vacuum. Just flip a latch at the wall base and the hair is automatically sucked up into a central vacuum system. Amazing! Check it out here.

Steam Processors and Hair Steamers- Pros and Cons
Learn the pros and cons of introducing a hair steamer into your salon

Finding the Best Salon Chairs for You and Your Clients
How to find the best salon chairs for your hair salon.

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